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TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Hand Delivered Pyrotechnic Canisters Smoke Canister for Training (Reduced Toxicity). This hand delivered smoke canister shall be equipped with an M201Al or equivalent fuse with an average 1.5 second fuse delay. It shall have sufficient number of gas

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Bucket System instructions

Bucket_System   click to open pdf

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Simple Pump Quote

Fill out sheet using your well log and email back to us at: apreppersparadise@yahoo.com STATIC WATER LEVEL_________FEET DEPTH OF WELL______________FEET CASING DIAMETER_______2”______4”______4.5”______5”_____6”_____6”SLEEVE 4” INNER _______6.25”______7”_____8” Casing Material        METAL_______ PVC________ IS THERE A SUBMERSIBLE PUMP?_________ If YES,  WITH

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