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  • The Bug N Out Emergency 72 hour Backpack E172


    This survival bag covers all your needs during natural disasters or if you have to evacuate your home during a crisis. This bag has three days worth of food with 2000 calories per day, and has all the supplies needed to cook your food and start fires. This bag also has basic first aid supplies to cover most minor injuries. OVER $200.00 WORTH OF ITEMS IF PURCHASED SEPARATELY!!! We recommend you put three 16.9 oz bottles of water in center section of pack for re hydration and for meals. We do not...

  • The Bug N Out Deluxe 72hr bag model E272


    We use the same medium transport bag as we do with our 72hr bag model E172 As with the E172 bag we recommend you add three 16.9 ounce bottles of water. We do not put them into the bags that are shipped. LIGHT WEIGHT BACKPACKERS COOKSTOVE PRIMUS POWER GAS 4 SEASON MIX 8.9 OZ CREE LED FLASHLIGHT COMPASS/ THERMOMETER WHISTLE 3 DAY FREEZE DRIED MEALS (6 ENTREE 4 BREAKFAST) EMERGENCY SLEEPING BAG SURVIVAL TENT SURVIVAL BAG SAWYER 100K GALLON WATER FILTER 3 MILLENIUM BARS SEWING KIT SU...

  • Toilet paper, up to 32 month supply in a 6 gallon bucket


    up to   8000 FEET TOILET PAPER!!!!! Quality 1 ply toilet paper package contains 4 9" round, 2000' rolls. Figuring 27 sheets per day this bucket will last one person 32 months. The 2 ply toilet paper package contains 4 9" round 1,000' foot rolls for a 16 month supply. Based on 27 sheets per day use. What makes our deal better than others?  WE PAY THE SHIPPING!!!! Add the  Tote-able Toilet Seat and Lid....

  • Tote-able Toilet Seat and Lid


    This Tote-able portable toilet seat & lid gives you the ability to turn an ordinary bucket into a portable toilet anywhere. The Tote-able Toilet seat & lid give you the comforts of home even in an emergency or outdoors. Lid features a rubber gasket to control odor. Bucket sold separately. Goes great with our 32 month emergency toilet paper package. Very comfortable seat Fits on most 4 1/4 5 and 6 gallon round buckets* Ideal for outdoor and emergency situations Ruged, ...

  • Easy Store Toilet Paper, Two Year Supply* in a 5 Gallon Bucket


    BUG N OUT  A PREPPERS PARADISE Easy store toilet paper up to a two year supply* Packed securely in a 5 gallon food grade bucket! 1 ply  has 3 rolls @ 2000 feet of toilet paper, that is approximately 6500 sheets per Roll!! 2 ply toilet paper has 3 rolls @ 1,000 feet per Roll!! The difference between ours and theirs?   We Pay the Shipping!! *Using 27 sheets of 1 ply per day this supply would last 24 months for one person!