Grain Mills

  • WonderMill Electric Grain Mill 110 v

    $289.95 $229.95

    The World's #1 Rated Electric Grain Mill It Is One Thing To Earn The Rating "World's Best Mill"....But It Is Quite Another Thing To Continue To Be The #1 Rated Mill Experts & Consumers Agree... The WonderMill is The World's Cleanest, Quietest, Easiest To Use Grain Mill Ease of Use The WonderMill Electric Grain Mill is extremely easy to use. Simply fill the hopper and out comes flour. There are no small parts or gaskets to misplace, and the self cleaning WonderMill is quick, ea...

  • Wonder Junior DELUXE Hand Grain Mill

    On Sale!

    $259.95 $219.95

    Limited Time; Free bicycle sprocket with mill purchase! Used by several mainstream Preppers and Survivalists, the Wonder Junior Deluxe is a popular choice for anyone who is looking for a hand grain mill. It does what the expensive hand mills and more, all for almost half the price. The Wonder Junior Deluxe grinds flour fast for a hand grain mill and the quality of the mill is top notch and will last you a lifetime. DELUXE Model Comes With: Wonder Junior grain mill Both Stone and Stai...

  • Wonder Junior Basic Hand Grain Mill

    $199.95 $179.95

    The Wonder Junior BASIC grain mill comes with Stone Milling Heads, the basics for grinding wheat. The basic model does not come with a clamp and must be bolted down. The BASIC model DOES NOT come with the Table Clamp Mount, Flour Guide, Cleaning Brush, and the Stainless Steel Milling Healds that are included with the DELUXE model, these features can be purchased separately.

  • Wonder Junior Motorizing Pulley


    Only THE MOTORIZING PULLEY is included. You may use any standard V-Belt and motor for motorization. Please only motorize at suggested RPMs.

  • Wonder Junior Drill Bit Attachment Quantity

    $39.95 $29.95

    Drill Bit Attachment Optional Attachment for Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill Shipping Cost will be added when the product is shipped Call if you have any questions 208-234-9352 Turn you Wonder Junior Handmill into a drill-powered grain mill with the Drill Bit Attachment. Simply remove the handle, attach the bit to your drill, slide bit over the end of the shaft, hold it snug, and let the drill do all the work. This is a great alternate option to motorizing your Wonder Junior Handmill. Y...

  • Wonder Junior Bicycle Sprocket Conversion Kit

    $39.95 $29.95

    This BICYCLE SPROCKET CONVERSION KIT ATTACHEMENT works with any standard Bicycle Chain. It is easy to install and will guarantee that you can have fresh flour when the power is out--- it is the Perfect Prepper's Dream attachment. With this BICYCLE SPROCKET ATTACHMENT, you can attach any bicycle to your WONDER JUNIOR GRAIN MILL and produce flour and all the other amazing things it can grind. You will get your exercise and have no worries if there is no power. If you have kids---- This is an aweso...

  • Wonder Junior Stainless Steel Burr Head


    These high quality Wonder Jr Handmill STAINLESS STEEL BURR HEADS allow grinding of all oily or wet seeds, grains, nuts and coffee.

  • Wonder Junior Stone Heads


    These Wonder Jr Handmill high quality STONE HEADS are 1/3 thicker than the competition They are made for years of heavy duty grinding.


    $408.43 $299.95

    INCLUDES: Mixer Base, Mixing Bowl, Splash Ring, Inner Splash Ring Lid, Bowl Shaft, Blender Complete, French Whips (2), Cookie Whips (2)   The Kitchen Mixer That’s Built For Life One thing that we focused on in manufacturing the WonderMix stand mixer is quality parts that will last and hold up to heavy use, from the motor and gears to everything else. If you want to mix dough for 8 loaves of whole wheat bread you won’t have to worry about hurting your mixer, its built to take it. W...

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