Hygiene and Sanitation

  • 2x10 Filter with Sock


    These filters fit most stainless steel tabletop water filtration systems as a replacement filter. Product is silver impregnated and will not permit bacteria growth-through (mitosis). It provides a hostile environment for all microbiological organisms and will not support their growth. Ceramic elements may be cleaned 100 or more times with a soft brush or damp cloth. The filtration efficiency is 0.2 micron. 99.99% Bacteria Removal 99.9% Virus Reduction Certified by Cuetical Labs, FDA Regi...

  • Coghlan's 9177 Toilet Tissue - Pack of 2


    Coghlan's Toilet Tissue is soft, strong and absorbent biodegradable 140 sheets per roll 2 coreless rolls per pack single Ply.

  • Easy Store Toilet Paper, Two Year Supply* in a 5 Gallon Bucket


    BUG N OUT  A PREPPERS PARADISE Easy store toilet paper up to a two year supply* Packed securely in a 5 gallon food grade bucket! 1 ply  has 3 rolls @ 2000 feet of toilet paper, that is approximately 6500 sheets per Roll!! 2 ply toilet paper has 3 rolls @ 1,000 feet per Roll!! The difference between ours and theirs?   We Pay the Shipping!! *Using 27 sheets of 1 ply per day this supply would last 24 months for one person!

  • Rothco Five Gallon Solar Camp Shower


    5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower Includes On/Off Control Hose And Shower Head 5 Gallon Capacity

  • Spigot


    Individual spigot

  • The Breathing Mobile Washer

    $29.99 $24.95

    Product Overview: - Lightweight and made from durable plastics with a sturdy wooden handle - it will not rust away . . . ever. - Easy to dismantle and reassemble for packing or stowing - portable washing system! - Powerful cleaning action - pushes AND pulls waster through the clothing - will actually pull out residual detergent left by electric washers! - Gentle on fabric, controlled agitation and easy to use - Sturdy enough for large items (Comforters, Sleeping bags, rugs and blankets) ...

  • Toilet paper, up to 32 month supply in a 6 gallon bucket


    up to   8000 FEET TOILET PAPER!!!!! Quality 1 ply toilet paper package contains 4 9" round, 2000' rolls. Figuring 27 sheets per day this bucket will last one person 32 months. The 2 ply toilet paper package contains 4 9" round 1,000' foot rolls for a 16 month supply. Based on 27 sheets per day use. What makes our deal better than others?  WE PAY THE SHIPPING!!!! Add the  Tote-able Toilet Seat and Lid....

  • Toilet seat for bucket (bucket not included)


      Fits most 3, 5 and 6--Gallon pails Lightweight so you can easily carry it to any location Use for camping, hunting, emergencies Lid features a rubber gasket to control odor. Don't forget the liners, this is one bucket you don't want to clean. The liners will only fit up to 5 gallon buckets.  ...

  • Tote-able Toilet Seat and Lid


    This Tote-able portable toilet seat & lid gives you the ability to turn an ordinary bucket into a portable toilet anywhere. The Tote-able Toilet seat & lid give you the comforts of home even in an emergency or outdoors. Lid features a rubber gasket to control odor. Bucket sold separately. Goes great with our 32 month emergency toilet paper package. Very comfortable seat Fits on most 4 1/4 5 and 6 gallon round buckets* Ideal for outdoor and emergency situations Ruged, ...

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