4×4 Ceramic Water Filter By Just Water

Product is silver impregnated and will not permit bacteria growth-through (mitosis). It provides a hostile environment for all microbiological organisms and will not support their growth. Ceramic elements may be cleaned 100 or more times with a soft brush or damp cloth. Don't forget the pre-filter sock

The filtration efficiency is 0.2 micron.

99.99% Bacteria Removal
99.9% Virus Reduction
Certified by Cuetical Labs, FDA Registered Laboratory

Easy installation
Good flow rate - up to 1 gallon of clean water per hour (gravity flow)
Up to 300 gallons per hour (pressure flow)
Accepts water from floods, lake, rain, well, tap, river or stream
Annual/semi-annual filter replacement
Cleans with clean, damp cloth
Unlimited shelf life
Once in use, filter will last 1 year
Made in USA

$32.50 (Excl. Tax)
Weight: 0.78125lb
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