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The Simple Pump is the most capable hand pump available, allowing you to use your home's existing plumbing system, pump from a water level depth of 325 feet, and more.  It is the only hand-pump on the market made with computer-controlled machining from aerospace grade lead-free stainless steel and aluminum.

Added Benefits
The Simple Pump is not just easy to install and use, it also offers the following benefits:

• Standard 24-inch Handle - This handle length only takes 12 pounds of force to pump 5 gallons per minute from 100 feet.
• Optional 36-inch Handle - This handle length only takes 6 pounds of force to pump 5 gallons per minute from 100 feet.  The increased length combined with decreased pumping effort also results in the ability to pump from as deep as a 325-foot water level depth.
• Freeze-Proof - The Simple Pump has a 1/16" weep hole that allows water to bleed back down below the frost line when the pump is not in use.
• Holds Prime - The Simple Pump can hold the column of water for months at a time.
• 50-Year Life Span - The Simple Pump is made through a computer-machining process for maximum precision.  Because all of the parts fit together so precisely, wear on the pump is greatly reduced.
• Safe - All components are Safe Drinking Water Act compliant.
• Secure - The pump lever can be removed, and the pump head can be lowered to leave your pump inconspicuous and protected.
• Upgradeable - The Simple Pump is capable of being upgraded to a Motorized Simple Pump with the Motor Extension Kit.  The motorized upgrade does not require you to buy a new pump, and allows you to revert to hand pumping in just 10 minutes.

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