The Bug N Out Emergency 72 hour Backpack E172

This survival bag covers all your needs during natural disasters or if you have to evacuate your home during a crisis. This bag has three days worth of food with 2000 calories per day, and has all the supplies needed to cook your food and start fires. This bag also has basic first aid supplies to cover most minor injuries. OVER $200.00 WORTH OF ITEMS IF PURCHASED SEPARATELY!!!

We recommend you put three 16.9 oz bottles of water in center section of pack for re hydration and for meals. We do not put them in when the bag must be shipped.

Overall, this bag is prepared for when you need it most.

This emergency backpack contains the following items

Food for three days @ 2000+ Calories per day
Backpackers Pantry Breakfast [3-4 Servings]
Backpackers Pantry Entrees [6 servings]
Datrex 3600 (Eat 9 bars a day for 1200 calories per day)
Aquamira straw water filter
Canteen Cup
Canteen Cup Stove
Esbit Stove Fuel
Waterproof Matches
Magnesium Fire Starter
Petroleum Jelly Soaked Cotton Fire Starter
Survival Tent
2 Person Emergency Blanket
Wire Saw
50 Feet Para Cord
Size 10 Fish Hook
8 Lb Fishing Line
Utensil Set
Toilet Paper
Emergency First Aid
Bandage Scissors
Antiseptic Wipes
Abdominal Pads
Band Aids (2 x 4) [10]
Band Aids (3/4 x 3) [20]
Butterfly Band Wound Closures [10]
Cohesive Bandage (3" x 5 yds)
Elastic Bandage (3" x 5 yds)
Burn Ointment [2 Packs]
Triple Antibiotic [8 Packs]
Bacitracin [10 Packs]
Alcohol Wipes [10 Packs]
Non Latex exam gloves [2 Pair]

*Some content may be exchanged for higher quality products due to occasional changes of inventory

$175.00 (Excl. Tax)
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