Toilet paper, up to 32 month supply in a 6 gallon bucket

up to   8000 FEET TOILET PAPER!!!!!

Quality 1 ply toilet paper package contains 4 9" round, 2000' rolls. Figuring 27 sheets per day this bucket will last one person 32 months.

The 2 ply toilet paper package contains 4 9" round 1,000' foot rolls for a 16 month supply. Based on 27 sheets per day use.

What makes our deal better than others?  WE PAY THE SHIPPING!!!!

Add the  Tote-able Toilet Seat and Lid.

$89.95 (Excl. Tax)
Toilet paper, 1 or 2 ply? * choose 1 or 2 ply rolls
Tote-able Toilet seat and lid Add the Tote-able Toilet seat by Emergency Essentials for only $10.
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