Tote-able Toilet Seat and Lid

This Tote-able portable toilet seat & lid gives you the ability to turn an ordinary bucket into a portable toilet anywhere. The Tote-able Toilet seat & lid give you the comforts of home even in an emergency or outdoors. Lid features a rubber gasket to control odor.
Bucket sold separately.
Goes great with our 32 month emergency toilet paper package.

  • Very comfortable seat
  • Fits on most 4 1/4 5 and 6 gallon round buckets*
  • Ideal for outdoor and emergency situations
  • Ruged, Durable, And lightweight
  • depending on availability your Tote-able Toilet Seat and Lid will be either gray or green. sorry no choice.
If the seat does not fit your bucket try
*1) Lay the seat onto firm but soft flat surface (carpet) upside down with the lid opening tab facing away from you and the hinge toward you.
2) Loosely place the bucket upside down onto the center ring of the seat with the bucket handle lined up with the seat lid tab (away from the hinge).
3) Kneeling behind the hinge of the seat lay your chest on the bucket so the bucket lip closest to you pushes into the seating ring first.
4) Slowly rock your weight forward pushing the lip of the bucket into the ring working both sides toward the front.
You can run your fingers behind seam as it closes but do not let your weight get in front of the seam or the back will pop back out.
5) As the rear and sides of the bucket lip slide into the seating ring you will be able to look down at the front of the bucket and see the
lip bulging out over approximately 6 inches of the front of the ring when it is almost seated.
6) When the lip is no longer slipping into the seating ring, smack the bulging part with your fist or a rubber mallet, which will pop it into place with an audible snap.
$19.95 (Excl. Tax)
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